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St Vrain Singers - 2014 Contact Email
The St. Vrain Singers are welcoming new talent. Click the announcement below to print a copy.
The Longmont Chorale is proud to support the continuation of the St. Vrain Singers children's community choir by encouraging their participation in our concerts, and through provision of scholarships and administrative support.     Under the direction of Lee Smoot and Shirley Gendreizig, the St. Vrain Singers is an independent organization that provides children and youth of Longmont the opportunity to be part of a community choir. They are an auditioned choir for unchanged voices 8 -15. Singers meet weekly for rehearsals and perform several times each season at varying venues. The St. Vrain Singers strive for musical excellence while having fun and participating in the life of the community. They offer young singers the opportunity to learn great singing techniques, to be part of a music community, and to learn and perform music in many styles. For more information please use the contacts shown below.
Community Support