Important Membership Information
We are a non-auditioned group, so all are welcome. Our only request of newcomers may be a few, simple pitch matching exercises, sung privately for the Director. Come a bit early on the first night of rehearsal for each, new concert cycle, to allow extra time for new music distribution and seating. Rehearsal times and dates are shown in the Chorale Information Sheet, which will be handed out with the music, providing important information about all aspects of Chorale rehearsals and performances. The information here is also contained in those notes. During rehearsals there is a short break in the middle or individual breaks as needed. Seating will be assigned by the Director for proper balance of the voices. Once your location has been assigned, you will be expected to be in that same location, promptly at the start of rehearsals. Singers are expected to participate in all rehearsals.  Exceptions of more than 2 absences per concert cycle will require notification to, and acceptance by, the Director and/or Section Leaders. Please bring a pencil/eraser. No ink or marker is allowed on any of the music owned by the Chorale or on loan from other groups. If desired, bring a personal container of water - please, no other liquids that may stain the furnishings. And please be mindful and respectful of the church venues used for our rehearsals and performances, parishioners and others may be present. Temporary, cardboard music folders are provided to contain all music during regular rehearsals.  Some music can be purchased if you desire to own your own copy, but generally, the Chorale encourages retention of all music for its library. Black performance folders are used during the concerts.  They can be purchased at if you desire this style, and we encourage it . A discount rate for performance folders may be available with a group purchase at the beginning of the season. For continuity, singers are encouraged to participate in all concerts of the entire season, but this is not strictly mandatory.  If you cannot sing all performances of a singular concert (if there are multiple performances for that concert), it will require notification to the Director and/or Section Leaders. Your voice is important to the total sound, so please be as diligent as possible. We love to hear you sing!    (use ‘Print’, in your browser, if you need to keep a copy of this page)
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