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“I am so proud to have such a professional, joyous choir right here in Longmont. We are blessed to have such high quality music  reflected in the diction, tonality, and musical selection.”  “Scott Hamlin has done a magnificent job growing the Chorale and planning outstanding programs.”      “I love being able to participate in a choir that has such a rich history. The quality of this community choir is exceptional.”  “The Longmont Chorale is a role model for how arts organizations ought to treat people and transform people's lives for the better.”  	    “I am constantly amazed at how people of every age, ability and experience can come together and be so effective.”     “We present our talents to the community, demonstrating that all can sing regardless of ability or skill level.”        “I'm hoping to get into all-state choir next year, when I'm old enough. Being in the chorale is definitely helping me    improve toward that goal.”     “I would recommend that students from more high schools join the chorale. It's a good way to get more experience,    to be exposed to more music, and to just sing challenging but fun songs.”    Audience Feedback  “At times, I did not want to breathe, for fear of missing the next chord.”  “Singing with the Chorale is the highlight of my week.”  “The Longmont Chorale gives me the opportunity to sing a large variety of choral music, to improve my vocal techniques    under excellent direction, and to meet and interact with many other musically inclined people.”  “In addition to the chorale, I'm in a choir at my school, and I'm also in district honor choir. Being in this many different    groups gives me a lot of experience and it sets me apart from other singers.”  Youth Feedback Member Feedback