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I n   2013,   we   gather e d   at   the   fir s t   rehearsal   for   the   Longmont   Chorale   To u r   of   the United    Kingdom .    That    nig h t,    w e    met    our    tour    accompanist ,    a    young    woman unknown   to   most   of   u s .   When   Katilyn   Rittner ' s   finger s   hit   the   keybo a rd ,   we   thought the    piano    migh t    burst    into    flame s .    From    Dublin    t o    Edinburgh    to    London,    Kati amazed   us   and   o u r   Briti s h   audiences   with   her   e x ceptional   talent   and   skil l .   Imagine h ow   thrilled   we   are   that   Kati   has   agreed   to   become   the   Ass i s tant   Direc t or   of   the Longmont Chorale . When   Kati   was   six ,   she   announced   to   her   mother   that   s he   was   going   to   pla y   the piano   " for   the   rest   of   my   l i fe! "   That   wi s e   six   year-old   now   ho l ds   a   Masters   of   Music degree   in   Conducting   a nd   a   Bachelor   of   Mu s ic   degree   in   Piano   Performance   from the   Uni v ersit y   of   Northern   Colorado.   She   has   performed   across   the   United   States and   Europe   as   a   piani s t,   conductor,   a nd   singer .   Whi l e   p u r s uing   d e grees   at   UNC,   she s e rved   as   pianist   and   conductor   in   addition   to   s tud y ing   v oice ,   organ ,   harp s ichord   a nd cel l o .   As   a   s tudent   at   UNC,   Ms .   Rittner   was   the   assistant   conductor   of   the   UNC M e n's   Glee   Club   a nd   the   University   Singers   ensem b l e.   She   currentl y   directs   a   hand bell   choir   at   First   Congregationa l   Church,   UCC   of   Gr e el ey,   CO,   a n d   accompanies the   Gree l e y   Cho r a l e.   Katil y n   a l s o   h as   per f ormed   in   Germany   with   UNC   Op e ra . B e cau s e    she    seems    to    have    mo r e    than    twent y- fo u r    hour s    in    her    d a y,    she    also m a intains an active v oice, piano , and music theory st u dio . Katil y n   know s   th a t   conducting   has   been   a   ma l e   dominated   world,   a   challenging   s teel ceiling   for   women   to   br e ak   through .   She   i s   gratef u l   for   t he   influential   w omen   in   h er life ,   especially   her   mom,   Sid   Hud s on ,   Vergi e   Amendola,   and   Dr.   Jill   Burgett .   Th e y ar e with her e ve ry time s he steps onto th e podium . Rec e ntl y ,   many   of   u s   w e re   mo v ed   to   t e ar s   w hen   Ms .   Ri t tner   conducted   the   Colorado premi e re   of   Howard   Goodall' s   Etern a l   Light:   A   R e quiem   and   th e n   a   benefit   concert for   th e   15th Anni v er s ary   of   the   attack s   of   9 / 11.   Longmont   and   all   of   Colorado   can   be proud of thi s s eventh gen e r a tion Col o rad a n, a homegro w n mu s ica l trea s ure .