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Not   long   after   you   settle   into   your   seat,   we   bet   you’ll   be   looking   for   the   source   of   that   amazing piano   music.   And,   the   source   is––Karen   Main,   beloved   accompanist   for   the   Longmont   Chorale and Chorale Singers for over thirty years. Karen   received   her   Bachelor   and   Master   of   Music   Education   degrees   from   the   University   of Colorado-Boulder,   studying   voice   and   keyboard.   Over   the   years,   Karen   has   been:   a   vocal   music teacher   at   St.   Vrain   Valley   schools;   pianist   for   Longmont   High   Schools;   accompanist   for   junior and   senior   high   vocal   clinics,   working   with   conductors   from   across   the   nation;   an   arranger;   a director;   judge   and   accompanist   for   Stars   of   Tomorrow   for   nearly   40   years.   Currently,   she   is accompanist and co-director for the worship choir at LifeBridge Christian Church in Longmont. Karen   played   piano   by   ear   at   age   4   and   soon   began   lessons   from   a   strict,   ruler-wielding   teacher   in Germany.   It   was   only   a   matter   of   time   until   neighbors   were   gathering   under   her   living   room window   to   listen   to   her   practice,   whether   piano,   accordion,   clarinet,   or   voice.   Her   plan   was   to become a nurse, but we are grateful she was scared off by Biology class. Karen   says   one   of   her   most   memorable   moments   as   accompanist   for   the   Longmont   Chorale   was playing   the   organ   on   the   Battle   Hymn   of   the   Republic   at   our   2014   Civil   War   Tribute   Concert.   She recently   had   lost   her   duet   partner,   Stewart   Golden,   and   dedicated   her   organ   performance   to   him.   If you   were   privileged   to   hear   that   amazing   keyboard   virtuosity,   you   know   anyone   would   have   been honored.   We   all   are   honored   to   have   Karen   as   a   pivotal   member   of   the   Longmont   Chorale   and Chorale Singers.