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“cultural diversity”
“Selections of music all spoke to the heart”
“Addition of instruments; accompaniment - violin, drums, etc.”
“Loved ‘Hallelujah’ very much”
“Cultural focus. The translations were also very helpful”
“Rich cultural experience; never heard Hebrew sung before”
“Diversity, timeliness”
“It was nice to have guest soloists and instrumentalists”
“Listening and enjoying music scores that I had never heard [before]”
“Variety of music”
“Interesting and unusual with the Hebrew”
“The selections by the Chorale Singers were the most enjoyable. “Ani ve-Ata” was good, too.”
“ ‘Hallelujah’ brought back memories. I like baroque. Having the instrumentalists added a lot of interest”
“Blended sound”
“Loved the program translations”
“The venue and time are perfect”
“Continue using your gifts”
Halleluyah, Amen!  A Combined Concert with the Colorado Hebrew Chorale